Authored by Dan Gibson

vinciDASH is the latest innovation in dashboard technologies that enables organisations to take full control of their applications, by unifying, organising and simplifying the ways in which the different departmental technologies are accessed.

vinciDASH, the Business App Manager vinciDASH

By adopting vinciDASH, organisations of all sizes, including SMB (Small and Medium-Sized Businesses), SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) and large enterprises may benefit from increased user adoption in a multitude of ways. One of the ways in which user adoption is increased, is by providing quick & easy access to the key contacts within the business. This can include access to the appropriate support channels, which may be a direct email address & telephone contact number for the relevant, internal IT support representative, or, an external organisation that may manage the support aspects of an organisation’s applications on its behalf, or, it may even be the case that you wish to direct your user community via an internal support software, such as ServiceNow, ZenDesk or Jira. You’ll be glad to know, that out-of-the-box, vinciDASH provides the requisite, web link integrations to ensure that existing support workflows are kept intact, whilst providing the departments with a clear & concise way of raising support tickets as required.

Whilst on the topic of integrations, vinciDASH also displays the integrations available for each application in the ‘App Info’ section. For example, if a user selects DocuSign from their vinciDASHboard, vinciDASH displays any integrations that have been made available; a DocuSign integration could include connectivity with Microsoft Word, Adobe Reader and SalesForce (which does of course depend on how each organisation has configured their software stack for the respective departments). Highlighting these integrations provides the end-user with a tool-tip that details how the integration functions from a business perspective e.g. Microsoft Word fully integrates with DocuSign and provides a ‘Print Driver’, which is accessed by selecting ‘File’ > ‘Print’ > Select the DocuSign Print Driver > Route your document through the desired process using DocuSign > Save the resulting document back into the document management system. This is of course just an example, and the vinciDASH team would be delighted to discuss your existing integrations in more detail at your convenience to determine how to customise the system to best fit your requirements. 

Going back to user adoption, vinciDASH may also provide the key details relating to training. This can incorporate key contacts, such as, the direct email address(es) & telephone contact number(s) for the relevant internal training representative(s), or, you may manage training via external partners, and their details may be embedded within the vinciDASH user-interface using web links. Additionally, the various departments across the business may also access ready-made training materials for each application, which can include links to external websites and embedded pictures & videos with guidance on how to utilise the respective software. These media files would be integrated into vinciDASH directly from a local (or network) drive, or, by using web links which could be directed to YouTube, Vimeo, other web-based platforms, or even an external vendor’s website. This is particularly useful for engaging the user community and ensuring that the various teams are able to access training resources at their fingertips.

Furthermore, vinciDASH also provides the ability to detail the commonly asked questions relating to each application. This section of vinciDASH can act as a place that an employee accesses prior to initiating a pre-defined support process. Additionally, these FAQs may include guidance on how a certain feature functions, or, it may include a link to a document, such as, a user guide, or other useful documents that may contribute towards the adoption of software. All of this information is fully customisable in the vinciDASH Admin Portal.

vinciDASH may also produce invaluable reports that encompass an organisation’s software technology stack, by generating powerful metrics and statistical analysis, equipping organisations with the requisite knowledge to determine how successful an application may be. These reports are configurable and include out-of-the-box reports, such as, ‘click-analysis’, which determines how often the user community opens up the various applications, or, how often support and / or training is requested i.e. how regularly are the training materials accessed / how many support tickets have been raised during particular time periods etc. Moreover, organisations may wish to distribute a poll to the various end-users across the departments with a request for information which determines feedback for a particular application. Using that data, organisations may produce feedback-based reports that can assist in learning more about the successes and failures of an application e.g. part of a feedback checklist could include a question around whether the end-user feels satisfactorily trained to use a particular application.

Should you wish to learn more about how vinciDASH may benefit your business, then you would be more than welcome to reach out via email at [email protected], or, by phone on +44 073 4000 20 90. We look forward to hearing from you!

The vinciDASH team