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In 2020, 55 percent of companies around the world reported offering some kind of remote working initiative. It is possible for businesses to save on average $11,000.00 per knowledge worker by enabling their employees to work remotely 50% of the time. Additionally, COVID-19 has evidently contributed towards a sharp increase in remote working with 88 percent of businesses globally mandating their workforce to complete their tasks remotely from home.


Even so, to be as efficient & effective as possible in a remote working environment, you are required to adopt a lot of discipline and concentration to maximise productivity. But, in addition to that, you’ll also require a set of business apps to ensure success. Our Top 5 Apps for Remote Working can be utilised across any sized organisation including start-ups, SMEs and large enterprises and you can find our breakdown below:

1. Google Drive for Storage & Collaboration

Available on almost all devices & operating systems, Google Drive is becoming quite the competitor of Microsoft’s OneDrive with many organisations of varying sizes choosing to adopt the Google variant of an end-to-end file collaboration tool, which is the perfect addition to any application stack and is particularly useful for empowering remote working.

Top 5 Apps for Remote Working vinciDASH

As you may know, Google Drive forms part of Google’s suite of products, formerly known as G-Suite and now more commonly known as Google Workspace after a recent rebranding in October 2020. From experience, one of the key demonstrable differences between Microsoft’s OneDrive and Google’s Drive, is its co-authoring feature set, which is far more robust in Google Drive, enabling users to collaborate on content at the same time. Additionally, from a pricing point of view, Google is far more accessible than Microsoft and Google has clearly adopted a lower price point in an attempt to capture the market from Microsoft.

2. Zoom for Voice & Video Communications

Zoom has seen an unprecedented rise in usage since COVID-19 with enforced lockdowns and mandatory home working. Every business going needs a video conferencing service, and if you have adopted the Google Workspace ecosystem and are using Google Meet and are finding Meet to be lacking a complete feature set, then Zoom should be your next port of call.

Top 5 Apps for Remote Working vinciDASH

It includes a free version with limited functionality allowing organisations to host meetings with a 45-minute duration. Organisations that adopt Zoom may benefit from its rich set of features that allows users and teams to share and collaborate on projects using voice & video communications.

3. Slack for Project Management & Communication

Effective remote working requires an instant messaging tool to share files and correspond with clients or internally with colleagues. Slack acts as a powerful project management and collaboration tool, enabling users to manage projects with ease. It includes a free version and is available on Android, macOS, Windows, Mac and online using your favourite web browsers.

Top 5 Apps for Remote Working vinciDASHOver 750,000 organisations across the globe use Slack to enhance productivity, and increase communications across projects. For many organisations, it also acts as an email replacement by giving projects a direct channel, rather than a flurry of email chains as you work towards project completion. 


4. Serene for Productivity Enhancements

Serene is one of the new kids on the block and is an app specifically designed to improve typical remote working practices and ensures increased focus in a remote working environment. Currently available on macOS (with a Windows release coming soon), Serene is a multitasking app that allows end users to focus on multiple tasks at once with added efficiency. 

Top 5 Apps for Remote Working vinciDASH

Serene increases focus, improves productivity and enhances performance by enabling individual users to block distracting applications & websites, whilst offering a phone muter, to-do lists, a day planner and much more. This is an absolute must buy for those that find working from home difficult & distracting.


5. vinciDASH for Managing & Organising Applications

vinciDASH offers organisations of all sizes with an improved method of organising a business’ applications within a simple, intuitive dashboard, accessible from all devices, anytime, anywhere. With each department requiring their own specific desktop & web applications to conduct their roles effectively, vinciDASH enables organisations to setup a toolbox for each department containing all of their key apps to increase user adoption across the application landscape, improve typical remote working practices by creating a unified environment for a department’s business apps and much more.


Top 5 Apps for Remote Working vinciDASH


Within the vinicDASH user interface, end-users may also benefit from quick & easy access to training materials for each business app, along with the key contact details from a business, training and support perspective, which in turn, provides the end user with more clarity and an increased understanding of their available applications. 

Should you wish to learn more about how vinciDASH may benefit your business, then you would be more than welcome to reach out via email at [email protected], or, by phone on +44 (0)203 916 5885 . We look forward to hearing from you!

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