Authored by Dan Gibson


Here are our Top 5 Reasons to Deploy vinciDASH, the business application manager designed to ensure that all departments work more efficiently, by unifying, organising and simplifying the way that applications are accessed and managed across the organisation. 

1. App Management Made Easy

What does a doctor, mechanic and professional knowledge worker have in common? They all require a toolbox to manage their workload more effectively. So, as we know, a doctor requires medical instruments to carry out their duties, a mechanic; spanners & nut splitters (amongst other such tools), and professional knowledge workers require their key business apps (and their knowledge of course…) to perform their roles effectively. Our goal here at vinciDASH is to simplify the way in which app management is governed, by providing a simple, intuitive user interface, that combines a department’s key applications into a single, centralised location. 

Top 5 Reasons to Deploy vinciDASH vinciDASH


All applications may be accessed with a single click, and end users may also view the key details relating to the application, which can include a description, application families (i.e. a birds-eye view of the available apps within application sets such as the Microsoft Office Suite), available integrations with other platforms, and more. Not only does vinciDASH improve the end user’s day to day, but it also benefits the IT team, particularly when it comes to deploying and managing applications.

2. Readily Available Training Materials

Oftentimes, when a new software is launched within a business or department, the project ordinarily incorporates an element of training, whether that be, end user training, train the trainer or online learning (such as an online course, for example). In order to compliment the training aspects of a project, vinciDASH can assist by allowing organisations to store any associated training materials relating to that product within their vinciDASHboard; and are all accessible within a single click! 

Top 5 Reasons to Deploy vinciDASH vinciDASH

Training materials may include: downloadable links to user guides / quick reference guides, embedded pictures & videos with corresponding instructions, web links to an external website such as YouTube / Vimeo, and more. You can even determine who the relevant internal / external training contact is, and, if as an end user, you sense that you require more training on a particular product, then you can go ahead and log such a request using vinciDASH, your business app manager. 

3. Improve Remote Working Practices

Remote working in this day and age has never been so important. Many businesses across the globe are ensuring that their businesses are more equipped for remote workers, and that’s why here at vinciDASH, we’re looking to enhance, and improve upon typical remote working practices by unifying a department’s business applications into a single, intuitive user interface, whilst providing additional app enhancements, such as constant access to training materials to support users whilst they are working remotely.

Top 5 Reasons to Deploy vinciDASH vinciDASH

Essentially, our mission is to provide a better way of connecting an organisation’s IT department with the rest of the business, by configuring a department’s toolbox in line with their respective roles & responsibilities. And, regardless of whether you’re managing your applications from the office, or from home, we want to ensure that you have the necessary tools to properly manage your apps. 

4. Integrate Existing Business Processes more Fluently

Each & every organisation requires a defined set of workflows to ensure that the business runs as smoothly as possible. These workflows typically incorporate people, process, and technology, and here at vinciDASH, we aim to connect these three elements more intelligibly.  For example, many companies utilise third-party support software, such as ServiceNow, ZenDesk, Jira etc., to manage their support workflows more effectively. 

Top 5 Reasons to Deploy vinciDASH vinciDASH

The method by which vinciDASH can improve support workflows, is by displaying the key information directly against an application within your vinciDASHboard. The support section of the application, can include information such as the typical response times, the appropriate support representative and more. Not only that, the FAQs section of the app, may also assist an end user in determining the fault with an application prior to raising a ticket. 

5. Increased User Adoption

I think we can all agree, that one of the key challenges with any software is ensuring that the user community attains the full value of the application by using it to its full potential. Increasing the success rate of user adoption begins during the implementation process by adopting an appropriate training methodology, but once a software is live, it is sometimes difficult to ensure that the end users receive the support they need. 

Top 5 Reasons to Deploy vinciDASH vinciDASH

That’s why, here at vinciDASH, we provide the departments with easy access to training materials such as pre-recorded webinars, specific functionality guides and more. We also provide more context around existing support workflows and FAQs for the purpose of reducing the number of support tickets raised. We would highly recommend booking in a demo to find out more. 

Should you wish to learn more about how vinciDASH may benefit your business, then you would be more than welcome to reach out via email at [email protected], or, by phone on +44 73 4000 20 90. We look forward to hearing from you!

The vinciDASH team