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What is vinciDASH?

vinciDASH aims to transform the way in which organisations manage their applications by delivering a user-friendly & responsive web application, that encompasses each departments’ core apps into a single, intuitive dashboard.

How does vinciDASH help manage my applications?

By providing the organisation with a single, intuitive dashboard to manage the business applications from a single interface. 

How does vinciDASH enhance training & support?

By incorporating training & support materials relating to each of the applications in use by the different departments across the organisation. We would advise viewing a demonstration to see how vinciDASH can help support existing workflows in this regard. 

What applications does vinciDASH integrate with?

Out of the box, vinciDASH offers touchpoint integrations with any web application natively. Full integration with desktop applications requires additional configuration. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements in more detail. 

Is vinciDASH available on any device?

Yes, vinciDASH is accessible from any device, anytime, anywhere. It has been designed as a mobile responsive, and mobile friendly application. 


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How big does my team need to be to deploy vinciDASH?

We do not wish to exclude anyone from benefitting from the vinciDASH solution, however, we’d recommend organisations have at least 5 employees get the most benefit. 

What’s the difference between an Employee license and a Manager license?

One of the key differences, is the Essential Application Management (EAM), which is included as part of the Employee license, and the Advanced Application Management (AMA), which is included as part of the Manager license. The AMA module provides additional administration functions, enabling Managers to request for new users to be added to the platform, managerial oversight over the team and more. Another difference between both licenses, is the addition of the Reporting & Analytics module with the Manager license, which provides application analysis & insights. 

Do I need an Admin license?

Each vinciDASH solution requires at least one Admin license to enable the organisation to properly administer the system.

Is the subscription licensing model payable monthly or annually?

The subscription licensing fee is payable on an annual basis for a minimum period of 12-months. 

Are there any other costs to consider aside from the licensing?

Yes, there is also a potential, optional element of technical services, where one of our experienced team members can assist an organisation in deploying vinciDASH. This includes setup & configuration, bespoke integrations, training and more. That said, we are also able to provide guidance on how you can setup the system yourselves.